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Oilily winter 2013/2014

As of now, the Oilily collections for fall 2013 are online and can be pre-ordered. The first delivery, we expect to arrive in store around mid to late July. The Oilily Kids embark on an expedition to the North Pole this upcoming winter season. Glamorous models in warm autumn tones combined with bright colors will everybody bring in a really good mood. Reserve your favourite outfit now!

Monnalisa fall / winter 2013/2014

Wow! 3 boxes full of gorgeous Monnalisa kids clothes! This autumn 2013 will be a wonderful one! Warm browns, rich reds combined with winter white - sparkling Mickey prints, romantic rose pattern - Monnalisa always manages to enchant its small customers. In Monnalisa Winter 2014 also Pluto laughs of t-shirts and dresses, harmonious color combinations of gray, yellow and green fits perfectly to this topic. Monnalisa Jakioo takes up the Madagascar theme.

Catimini winter 2013/2014 online for preorder

As of now, the brand new Catimini collection for fall 2013 is online and can be preordered. Pretty colorful with wonderful patterns and lovingly crafted details - typical Catimini! Catimini never disappoints their fans. With the usual good quality and a wide range of colors Catimini starts in the new season! The first major shipment is expected to be in store by the end of June 2013. Stay tuned!

Summer sale starts

Up to - 30% at the latest collections from Catimini, Oilily and many other brands. Worth to be fast, the selection is still huge!

MID SEASON SALE, up to -30% on latest summer articles!!

From 18.4. - 25.4. up to -30% on latest summer articles. With this beautiful weather it won't last long until summer is here.

delivery of Desigual summer goods

The summer collection 2013 of Desigual is completely in stock now! You can expect colourful children’s clothes, conspicuous accessories like scarfs and bags and trendy Desigual shoes from the latest collection.

Most summer articles 2013 in stock!

Finally most of the summer clothes 2013 are in stock and we look forward to a great season. Browse through our shop and grab your favorite pieces from the latest summer collections of Catimini, Scotch R'Belle and Scotch Shrunk, Oilily, Cakewalk, Vingino, Monnalisa, Armani, Hugo Boss and many others...

adorable children's fashion from Monnalisa, Baby Graziella and Laura Biagtiotti

Especially this year you will find many gorgeous outfits in the new summer collections of Monnalisa, Baby Graziella and Laura Biagiotti. Classy, chic and also very comfortable – perfect for baptisms, weddings, parties and other festive causes.

Winter items at half price!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer, time to place the summer collections in our store and put away the winter clothes. All remaining winter 2012/2013 items are therefore further reduced. You still find gorgeous items now for half price.

Spring is in the air!

The days are getting longer and spring is almost within reach. The most beautiful models for the spring/summer 2013 arrive in our store on a daily basis; for example Tommy Hilfiger for girls and boys, new parts of Vingino, Scotch and Monnalisa. But don't forget about Cakewalk, Jottum and Bengh this year! Colorful skirts and dresses, elegant tops with elaborate detailing, sequins and embroidery and all clothes as usual in highest quality and large range!

Another delivery Jottum PreSpring 2013

Now we have already received two deliveries of the most wonderful festive fashion out of the PreSpring collection 2013 by the Dutch designer brand JOTTUM and cannot stop admiring it! Fantastic dresses with petticoats in dark navy and white, with Jottum's typical swan motive or with floral prints, for girls size 122 to 152, and this year for the first time you will find the counterpart for boys as well at a blazer, trousers and a waistcoat in dark navy as well as two matchings shirts will make cool boys look chic and tasteful - such a delight for the entire family!

GUESS KIDS PreSpring 2013 online

The fashion lable GUESS! is well known. From now on, you will find the first items of the KIDS-collection PreSpring 2013 online at Cool jeans, funny t-shirts, shorts and mini skirts in gaudy colours for 6 to 14 year old girls who love it cool!

Vingino summer pants 2013

Arrived today and already on line: the first summer pants by Vingino - fashionable colours such as aqua, white and soft neon-orange for girls, dark red and a pair of coolest wash-out-jeans for boys are just the beginning of an obviously very colourful summer!

Catimini Winter 2012/13 now reduced

The amazingly beautiful, colourful winter collections of the French designer brand Catimini for girls from 3 months to 12 years and boys from 3 months to 4 years are now also part of the modekids-winter sale. Brilliant -30% off the newest winter clothes for your sweeties who will just love the comfortable items suitable for children with beaming colours, that will make this winter a colourful one!

First collections summer 2013 already online

Believe it or not: Today we are putting the frist spring/summer collection for 2013 online! The fashion brand Marc O'Polo, for the first time in our program, completes our selection for laid back and fashion conscious boys from 3 to 12 years of age. Polo shirts, t-shirts and pants in strong colours such as berry, green and blue, laid back shirts and blazers for one or another special event - and all of it suitable for kids and, most of all, for boys. Very tough! Your son will enjoy wearing clothes of this brand - and you will enjoy even more watching him wearing it!

The winter sale continues

Nearly every day another brand and collection is being reduced for our winter sale. By now you find designer labels with festive, elegant fashion such as Monnalisa and Jottum reduced by -20% at! Jottum offers chic clothes for special events of which you find a lot now, just before Christmas, for girls from size 86 to 152. The Italian brand Monnalisa enchants us, as usual, with its most amazing skirts and dresses, be it British or French style, but this year especially with the mouse Jerry and lovely, royal teddy bears. The Christmas wardrobe of your little princess is waiting for you here!

Temperatures decrease, winter is arriving!

Do you want your child to play in the snow, well protected? Should the clothes underneath be warm and comfortable as well? But you still do not want to miss some peachiness? The winter collections of Hust & Claire, Laura Biagiotti Dolls, Nickelson and Minymo meet all these demands and are already available for very convenient prices in our winter sale!

Famous brands on

The coolness of the Spanish brand Desigual, festive clothes by Kate Mack, sporty jackets, trousers and t-shirts by Vingino and playful bohemian chic by Muy Malo - all that is now available in modekids' online shop, reduced by 20 to 30 %! Order today and dispatched within 24 hours - so that anticipation turns into joy very soon!

The winter sale has started

There are more reductions to go: Since today, the winter collections 2012/2013 of the Dutch brand Bengh per Principesse and the Danish label Creamie are also reduced by 30% at Great designer fashion with unbeatable prices - there's quite some run for these items, so better have a quick look to be sure to get some of the gorgeous items for your trendy kid!

Modekids International on Facebook

Our Facebook page is getting more and more popular and we are happy to now have one more opportunity to get in contact with people interested in high-quality children's clothes. To really reach as many customers as possible, we posted in 3 different languages - and this got very confusing (for us, but even more for our fans)! To make sure not to annoy you with this multilinguism (and the many lines of incomprehensible languages :)), we now founded the page "Modekids International" which will be in English only! The basic fanpage will therefore only contain German and French postings. So if you wish to receive up-to-date information, pictures, news about anything happening at in English, become a fan of Modekids International on Facebook and be the one knowing the most!

CAKEWALK winter 2012/2013 now reduced by 30%

Due to our current product line adaptation, we have already reduced the winter collections of some brands. The Dutch designer label Cakewalk is one of them, so as of now the brand new winter collection by Cakewalk is reduced by 30%. There is still quite a lot on stock, so have a look quickly and make sure to get the most wanted items for this winter!

Presents for babies and their young parents

Young parents have to spend a lot of money for all the necessary items a baby needs. So they are even the happier, when presents of friends and relatives are not only reasonable, but definitely something really special! Baby bottles and sets of romper suits by Armani Baby, elaborately embroidered nappies and baby's shoes by Absorba, bodies by Tommy Hilfiger, gift sets with leather shoes and body by Inch Blue are just some examples of this category "Presents/Gifts".

This Xmas is going to be an especially festive one...

...with festive clothing already available now on, category "Festive clothes". Grab the chance to order festive clothes for your kid and and get the question done "What am I going to dress my child for Xmas?" Then you can concentrate on the really important things like baking cookies, buying presents, composing the Christmas meal...

The world will not end this year either!

Thanks to our scientists we all know that the world will not end before in billions of years' time - therefore we will once again have to prepare for another Christmas. We are looking forward to it, because of our kids, but also because of the brillant food, the athmosperic Christmas music and decoration. We are especially looking forward to the mysterious eagerness and atmosphere, the common wait for Father Christmas...

Monnalisa summer 2013

The delivery of two huge boxes full of samples of the summer collection 2013 by Monnalisa which we have already ordered has given us a lot of work but most of all much joy!

Catimini's 40th anniversary

The Frechn designer label Catimini already exists since 1972 and was founded by Monique and Paul Salmon. In 1990, there were already 50 Catimini shops in 40 countries all over the world! In 1993, the showroom in the "rue Martel" in Paris opens: 1.200 sqm in an ancient post office! Four years later, Catimini opens its Concept Store on the Champs Elysées: a magical place with 313 sqm which tells the story of a legendary city. Last year, Catimini adopted an elephant lady in partnership with ElefantAsia, a society in Laos which committed itself to protect the Asian elephants. This elephant lady is expecting an elephant baby this year! And now, 2012, it is Catimini's 40th anniversary, and it still makes children's dreams come true. Catimini is well known for its colourful, gorgeous collections for kids from 1 month to 16 years. Highest quality of material and workmanship are basic prerequisites at Catimini. Cuts totally adapted for children with a lot of room to manoeuvre, cuddly soft fabrics, colours that make your kids' hearts beat faster - you will find all that at Catimini! With clothes from Catimini, boys and girls are prepared for any kind of eventuality from their first month onwards: for a drive in the baby buggy, happy afternoon hours in the sandbox, when running through the leaves in autumn, for the first day in nursery school or school, in the kids' discotheque on holidays, on the beach or in the mountains, at a friend's birthday party or for their grandparents' golden wedding anniversary, in front of the Christmas tree or when looking for Easter baskets in spring - there is no day for which Catimini would not have the perfect outfit for young trend setters.

11 weeks to go until Xmas

Are you ready yet for the big event? Time is running fast in the last 2 or 3 months before Christmas and it is very important to think about presents for your friends and relatives soon enough! "Armani" and "Tommy Hilfiger" are well-known brands for high-quality clothes but sometimes they also create very nice gift ideas. Whether it is comfortable baby bodies or cute baby bottles, every present is specially packed and can be found on!

Facebook raffle

Finally, the last round of our Facebook raffle will take place next Wednesday (10.10.2012)! Get your best chance to win in our raffle once again and share modekids' facebook site with your friends. Collect enough tickets and win the main price: a beautiful Desigual bag including a scarf and a 100€ voucher!

The amazement is not coming to an end...

The selection of stylish and wonderful dresses, pullovers, jackets, skirts by the Italian designer Laura Biagiotti for girls aged 18 months to 10 years is getting bigger and bigger in our shop. Here you will find light red in combination with rich gray, dark jeans with winterly white tops - coming with rhinestone and gold applications. Italian style par excellence.

Sale of samples

In the last seasons we bought the samples of many collections which you were able to buy by saving 30% of the regular prices. Also these special prices are again reduced at the end of each season, so that some items are now available to absolutely unbelievable prices.

Scotch R'Belle and Shrunk summer 2013

After summer is before summer, that's why we are also busy working with the summer collections for 2013. Just now we have samples of the latest collection by Scotch R'Belle and Scotch Shrunk in our house, we are writing lists, taking pictures and describing like mad - but with lots of joy, because the new creations of the easy-going label Scotch are simply wonderful, funny, original and just a pleasure to look at!

Winter may come with Hust & Claire

This year for the first time in our program: functional clothes of highest quality as snow suits, jackets and coats of the Danish brand Hust & Claire to very reasonable prices. Functionality may be the the top characteristic of Hust & Claire, but also the design of the items is worth looking at. The line "Hust" offers boys - and Claire girls - what they urgently need in winter: water resistant, windproof clothes which make the hours outside the house also agreeable in winter.

Kenzo Kids winter 2012 now complete

There were weeks of anticipation and pre-orders, then finally the first delivery and the first parcels leaving our house, the the 2nd partial delivery.... Unfortunately we never know exactly which articles will be delivered at what time - but now we have the entire collection in our house and all articles are available. We would suggest that you have a look at it soon because first articles might be sold out soon due to their popularity...

New in our range: Desigual designer bags

Why always fashion for children? In our opinion also Mommies should allow themselves little pleasures. And what could be a better accessory than a beautiful Desigual designer bag? We waited very long for this moment but finally the new collection arrived yesterday! Every woman is filled with joy when seeing these unique bags. Desigual is very famous for its modern design and the typical south European look and this collection it the best example for these values.

Whether small or big, Desigual is perfect for everybody!

Do you have a little daughter or son between 6 and 12 months? - If you do then have a look on Desiguals’s new fashion line for babies! Baby bodies and comfortable trousers don’t have to be boring. Desigual presents a unique collection with colorful patterns and a typical south European design. – Perfect for daily life but definitely not ordinary!

Petit Bateau & Absorba

Only the finest designer clothes for your baby! - With Petit Bateau and Absorba your little daughter/son will be perfectly dressed for cold winters and snowy days. Cute snow- and romper suits are waiting for you in the new collection and very fluffy materials will keep you little sweetheart warm and dry. Both collections have already exceeded our expectations. Visit our shop today and don’t miss these unique fashion lines! We ensure you that your little treasure will look gorgeous!

Barts winter 2012

Barts always provides surprises and for the coming winter this well-known brand has a special present for us. We were very excited when opening the first cardboard box but then we were filled with enthusiasm when we first saw these beautiful designer caps. You can already look forward to great winter caps with brilliant colors and cute details like little cat ears and fluffy tassels. Don’t miss this trendy but also reasonable winter collection!

Catimini summer 2013

At the moment we can hardly move in our office because yesterday we received huge cardboard boxes filled with patterns of the well-known brand Catimini for the next summer season. And now we only have few days to take photos and describe these beautiful clothes. It is one of the most beautiful collections we have seen from Catimini since the last few years and we enjoy every moment holding these beautiful clothes in our hands. Great colors, laces, cute details, a comfortable cut … and more other surprises are waiting for you in this unique summer collection!

Yep, there we have exciting festive fashion suitable for kids

Last week we got another delivery from Kate Mack - and all of our ladies here wished to be a child again to slip into these elegant, stylish dresses, boleros and much more. Since we don't go any further than 14 years with Kate Mack, this is going to stay a dream for us... But not for your (grand) daughter! Have a good time shopping in our online store and find the perfect Christmas outfit for your girl!

Oilily summer 2013

We still have midsummer but we already sell winter clothing like down jackets, cardigans and snow suits. And to make it even better, we already ordered the new summer collection 2013! Today we received several samples from the new summer collection and we only can say “Wow!” – These are the most beautiful designs from Oilily we have seen in the last few years! Colors and patterns are simply unique, so we decided to order a huge selection for girls available in the sizes 86 to 152.

Minymo winter 2012 – snow suits for cold seasons

This year’s snow suits, trousers and jackets from the popular brand Minymo are top-modern and suitable for every kind of weather condition. The Danish brand Minymo is well-known for its modern cuts and high-quality winter clothing which is absolutely reliable in protecting your children from wetness and coldness. All parents want to keep their children warm in cold winter months but children also want to wear comfortable cloths which are suitable for skiing and other adventures – and of course good looking! With Minymo both sides will be satisfied!

Enormous delight with every further delivery

It cannot be too hectic in our warehouse to welcome newly arrived deliveries of Monnalisa with a great pleasure! Our photographer instantly jumps at the samples she has to take pictures of; every now and then the other colleagues sneak past to inconspicuously glance at the new items. Also when it comes to product descriptions, Monnalisa often has precedence - we just love to have a close look at these masterpieces!

Down jackets by Nickelson

What a contrast: down jackets - One day it will still get cold outside, that's why we also have really warm clothes in our programm already.For the first time ever on The Dutch label Nickelson, founded in 1985 as designer of men's leather jackets, now also supplies women and kids with high-quality, up-to-date collections since 2003.

And it is done: Hugo Boss is on line at!

Soooo cool - and not at all boring! The autumn/winter collection 2012 by Hugo Boss enchants us with the most amazing colours such as teal, lime green and many more and it ensures that boys from 18 months to 10 years really enjoy wearing the corduroy pants, long sleeve shirts, shirts and polo shirts by Boss. Moms of many boys have already waited longingly for the possibility to pack their princes into Boss - go for it now

Not only for festive events - Kate Mack

There were times when tull skirts, sequin dresses and leo prints were only allowed at very special events - furtunately those times are over. Little princesses would not accept it when they were told not to wear their favourite dress apart from Christmas or grand-dads birthday! A princess needs to be beautiful all around the year - and with the styles of Kate Mack this will be very easy.

Christmas is coming with Baby Graziella

You find the best Christmas wardrobe for little girls aged 1 to 3 years in our category of selected items of the winter collection by Baby Graziella. Red velvet, white satin, soft knitwear or lightweight downs - it will be a pleasure for Santa Claus to come into this house!

This year for the first time at modekids: Armani Junior

The winter collection 2012 by Armani Junior for kids from 3 months to 8 years on comes in classical black, navy and gray. There are still deliveries to come; we are already looking forward to the next one! Beautiful, absolutely suitable for daily use and highest quality is what the name Armani stands for.

Laura Biagiotti Dolls: Girls see red next winter

Red really is the most exciting winter colour, isn't it? Combined with light or dark gray and elegant off-white, warm red brings enough colour into the cold season. We have a lot of cute items for girls from 18 months to 10 years in our program. This so much suits the red cheeks of the girls when they're outside in winter!

Desigual at its best!

Also next winter, Desigual offers only the coolest, outlandish kids' wear in fantastic colours and colour combinations with their already legendary patterns and applications. A special highlight this winter will - once again - be the sweet dresses for girls from 4 to 14 years.

Tommy Hilfiger - for a noble and classy fashion winter

Kids from 1 to 12 years can look forward to a fashionably outstanding winter: be it jeans or cardigans, short sleeve polo shirts or down jackets, banker shirts or treggings - the is a lot of suitable items for any fan of the typical Tommy style in our shop. And we are expecting more deliveries...

OILILY - Kids' fashion from Holland

And again new deliveries from Holland! This time it is Oilily which sent their first delivery of the winter collection 2012. We are busy unpacking and putting together the pre-ordered items. As of tomorrow, our website will be up to date and you will be able to see which articles are now on stock and ready for dispatch. Since it has been some months since ordering this collection, we couldn't remember how beautiful it is! We especially love the t-shirt Tip with its winter scene and of course the comfortable shirt dress TJAKKA with the dolls print by Oilily. Now we are even more eager to see and order the collection for summer 2012 soon.

TOMMY KIDS for girls and boys

New items of Tommy Hilfiger for Kids! 2 great shirts for little boys, an elegant banker shirt and a wicked plaid shirt as well as two longs sleeved t-shirts for boys from 1-3 years are now available. For girls, we have received a beautiful plaid blouse with quillings and a stunning down jacket in elegant blue with detachable hood. We just love this sporty, elegant touch of Tommy Hilfiger Kids. Classics combined with modern details, this is the signature of Tommy - a signature which so many Moms adore! It is agreeably different to the colourful and gaudy collections of some other brands.


Today new items by Scotch have been delivered. For girls, there is a sweet super-light ruby coloured down jacket with blue dots and a very soft scarf made of knitted material with fleece lining, perfect with the new funny t-shirts and two Scotch R'Belle dresses. For boys we received chinos in dark blue which is wearable for every occasion and in a fashionable shade of red for the little man of the world who knows exactly what to wear this winter!

VINGINO - new winter jackets now on stock

This morning, VINGINO delivered the most beautiful quilted jackets with colour gradient for girls and a down jacket in classic navy blue with ecru for boys. A bit strange on a day with 30°C outside! But there will be winter in a while, and our regular customers know, that the most beautiful items will be sold the moment it becomes a bit colder - and in some parts of the world this can be soon! So that's why you should not wait too long - down jackets by Vingino are very much liked because of their designs, their quality and above all their great value for money.

CATIMINI Winter 2012 re-stocked

The first articles have already been out of stock. Just as every year, the Catimini tights, Catimini hats and scarves were really much sought-after. Also some dresses and t-shirts were only available in some sizes. We have re-ordered the most liked items for you so that you can get the perfect Catimini outfit for your little one. Your so much wanted articles is yet not on stock? No problem! With our new feature of being notified when an articles comes in, you will be informed the minute your favourite item arrives in our shop!

CAKEWALK and JOTTUM winter 2012

Now the place is rocking: We get new winter stuff daily! Our stock fills up quickly, in our boutique the bargains of our summer sale have to go to give place to the new autumn fashion for children. Last Friday afternoon, the first forerunner of the Waalwear collections Cakewalk and Jottum for autums / winter 2012 arrived. The first theme is quite complete, just some items have been changed regarding the date of delivery and are announced for the coming weeks. Customers which have made preorders for Cakewalk, will receive their parcels within the next few days; all fans of Cakewalk and Jottum should know, that all items in our online shop are noted with their actual state of availability, be it "arrived" or "preorder". So you can tell any time whether an item you would like to order is available or whether you would have to wait a bit until it arrives in our shop.

MUY MALO winter 2012/2013 on stock

Just now we received the first delivery of the new Muy Malo collection for the season autumn / winter 2012. Themed ROARING TWENTIES MEETS BOHEMIAN GYPSY, Muy Malo presents a collection that reminds of the frisky time of the 1920ies. Jazz, glamour and romance - all this is perfectly united by Muy Malo within its this year's winter collection. Coaxing shades of rose combined with brown, muted blue and green, romantic cross stitch, sequins, pearls and tiny buttons - Muy Malo convinces with its uniqueness yet again. Wonderful dresses, knitted skirts and jackets, exquisitely crafted with al lot of noble details. The trist season does not have any chance - with Muy Malo, also fall and winter are colourful seasons!


We have already seen and bought it for our shop - the Monnalisa summer collection 2013. Have you ever seen a panther that is pink? Think! A panther that is positively pink! The next fashion summer by Monnalisa is partly dedicated to the Pink Panther. Cutest prints, funny and classy details on Monnalisa dresses and Monnalisa t-shirts - just a dream to every girl! Also funny and full of spirit in navy blue combined with white, that's Nylon for older girls, each item more beautiful than the other! We were just delighted! Jakioo - the cool line of Monnalisa for older girls - is going shopping: every single t-shirt or dress a masterpiece of its own. Also the festive dresses by Monnalisa Chic! Hitch Hiker, the line for Monnalisa boys, was always worth looking at. This time we couldn't resist anymore and will offer you a small, but fine selection of this classily cool fashion line for boys in summer 2013. Unfortunately we now have to be patient...

BENGH Winter 2013 now available

The new week started like the old one had ended! Today at 08.30 a.m. the courier company delivered a huge shipment by Bengh per Principesse. We have been longing for it, because Bengh always delivers around the 15th of July. Our busy bees were prompt at work and unpacked everything, dressed our mannequins quickly and photgraphed the beautiful dresses by Bengh and prepared these pictures for our online shop. Now we have finished it, all items are uploaded and so they are available. We expect another delivery by Bengh in two to three weeks with new wear in nice berry colours mixed with gaudy colours. We love the game of the Dutch, the game with different colours - and, of course, the "oranjes" use the colour orange. This colour is used intensivly by Bengh this winter.

Catimini loves us

Friday the 13th - nearly midday - we are already feeling a little bit like weekend... and suddenly a van of UPS drives up! 18 Catimini boxes, all varied, Catimini Baby, Catimini mini girls, Catimini boys and Catimini kids girls! Today we unpacked thick duvet jackets, cardigans, pullovers, scarfs and bonnets, we controlled, tagged and packed them neatly. The pre-orders of the newly arrived items will leave our house next week. Even if the little ladies and gentlemen cannot wear these warm winter clothes now, we are sure that their mothers' eyes will gleam when they unpack the boxes full of wonderful Catimini garments and when their darlings try them on. Like a lovely customer said shortly "christmas at summer time - the Catimini boxes arrived". In this sense we hope you enjoy!

Catimini Summer 2012 -50%

We so need more space for all the winter collections 2012 / 2013 of all the well-known but also for some new brands, which arrive daily. Since today we therefore offer you the summer collection 2012 by the French designer label Catimini reduced by 50 per cent! Get your bit quickly!

Desigual Winter 2012 / 2013 - first articles on line

We do not need to be afraid that next winter could be all dark and miserable: The first delivery of the Spanish designer brand Desigual has already convinced us, that it is going to be colourful, happy and totally hot! The "rainbow"-line is another masterpiece from their designers; and they have also let the Cirque du Soleil inspire them. Online as of today at!

Orders summer collections 2013

This weekend we are at the kids fashion fair in Salzburg, busily ordering summer collections for 2013! It is a world upside down - we have just (at about 30°C) received the first items of the winter collections!

Creamie Fall 2012 online

There is no end to it at the moment: The first delivery of the Danish fashion label Creamie has also already arrived. Superbe bohème chic in soft colours like off-white, powder or rose is an agreeable change to some quite colourful collection of different brands. It is definitely worth a glance!

Armani Junior at

Neatly packed and with a certificate of authenticity, that's how the first articles of the winter collection 2012 by Armani Junior arrived at our place. Kids Girls, meaning girls' clothes size 4, 6 and 8 years, appeals to us already - although we only got a partial delivery. Navy blue, gray and creme, decorated with the world famous Armani logo in metall, made out of rhinestones or printed in silver - it's all just a feast for the eyes!

Monnalisa's first delivery

Yippieh - we got some sparkle into our modest offices today by receiving the first delivery of the winter collection 2012 by the Italian brand Monnalisa! Wonderful rhinestone applications on silky viscose shirts, Jerry prints on pinafore dresses, stars on leggings, and of course the typical leo print of Monnalisa! We are busy taking pictures, describing, unpacking, sorting, just to get as many articles online today. Have a look by yourself at all we were able to manage up to now...

Jottum and Cakewalk Winter 2012 online

The amazingly colourful winter collection by Cakewalk and the brillant, classicly elegant collection by Jottum for the autumn and winter season 2012 / 2013 are ready for pre-order and online on Don't hesitate to click on and to scroll through the many pages of wonderful items to make sure you will really be on time to get the desired articles for your girls. The first deliveries will arrive soon - the deliveries will be complete by September 2012 - definitely in time for the first autumn days!

vingino brings jeans

The first ravishing jeans out of the winter collection of Vingino for Boys have also been delivered: The model "Rick" in sizes 6 to 12 years is slim fit and has yellow quilting seams. The washed-out used look makes this jeans your son's favourite pants!

1st delivery Catimini

There are already plenty of pre-orders of Catimini winter articles, some articles are even already sold out - therefore we were really glad to receive the first delivery of the French kids wear label Catimini today! Many beautiful winter items of the themes Spirit City, Spirit Ethnique, Spirit Denim, Spirit Couleur, Urban Global Mix, Labo, Spirit Couture and Urban - Fille Layette as well as Fille Enfant - and also some articles of Fille Naissance and Garçon Naissance are available as from now; and we are expecting more! We will be complete by September.

Cute summer dresses by Brums now reduced

From now on you will find the cutest summer dresses, ensembles and t-shirts of the Italian label Brums also reduced by 30% in our online shop Many items have only been available in our boutique in Amstetten, but from now on they are also available on line!

It is becoming autumn with Vingino

Parts of the girls line of the winter collection 2012 by Vingino are being delivered from now on. We already got following items: a cool 5-pocket-jeans with a perfectly matching denim jacket and two great long sleeve shirts with US flag pattern. You can order that from now on! Every day another delivery can arrive - we will keep you informed!

Scotch Shrunk delivery

The company Scotch & Soda from Amsterdam starts the new season very fast: After the first delivery of Scotch R'Belle on Monday, another parcel arrived today with great items of Scotch Shrunk for Boys. Great grey and black denims and an amazingly cool denim shirt (nearly) makes us look forward to autumn...

Kenzo Kids Autumn/Winter 2012 ready for pre-order

And there we go: The most beautiful items of the autumn / winter collection 2012 by Kenzo Kids are already online on and ready for pre-order! Amazing fashion for girls from 18 months to 12 years - for an especially exciting winter!

Scotch R'Belle Autumn / Winter 2012

Concerning fashion, we had the "official" opening of the autumn today: With the first delivery of winter clothes, meaning a box with denim jackets, blue jeans and cordury pants by Scotch R'Belle for girls aged 6 to 14 years. Cool as ever are the very latest styles for relaxed girls!

Lottery on Facebook

Facebook fans of modekids now have another advantage: You can participate at our new lottery and win a €-25-voucher weekly and - as a first prize - a digital camera of Samsung on July 16th, 2012. Just click "Gewinnspiel" on our facebook page and share ("teilen") modekids' link. Every new fan that comes through your link to us, makes you receive another ticket (Lose) for the draws. The more tickets you get, the bigger the chance to win! With this camera you could take even nicer pictures of your child!

Catimini winter 2013 online at

Now the time has come! We have worked hard, we have taken dozens of photographs from the clothes, we had photoshoots with our sweet little models, we have prepared the shop, we do not want you to have to wait any longer. Voilà - here are the lovely winter themes of our favourite supplier, Catimini! Enjoy browsing through this Catimini winter wonderland.

The countdown has begun for summer sale

We already have reduced the first articles of our children´s summer 2012 collections. From June 1st on we start to make ready our online store for the upcoming winter season; we await the first winter articles to arrive in our store by end of June, 2012. Catimini winter 2013 is expected to be the first collection which will hang in our store even before the summer holidays start.Therefore we need space and reduce our summer collections by 30%. So do not miss out on the bargains! Your suitcase can be filled with stunningly beautiful clothes at competitive prices.

summer 2013 - start of a new season

Hard to believe but true! We have already made our first order for the summer 2013 season. A new brand, cool and casual, great style and quality. Especially the older girls will love it. More we tell the time bing but not yet. Guess what it is?!

New collections as of June 1st

The first fall and winter collections of our common brands are put online on June 1st and are then ready for pre-order. Even though the summer only starts now, we may already look forward to the new designs, materials and colours. Don't miss the chance to be one of the first and get your favourite clothes for your kids!

Bengh per Principesse now in our Summer Sale

You can now buy the summer collection of the Dutch fashion label Bengh per Principesse also reduced by 30 % at Colourful, with a touch of romance, with chrocheted details and neon colours, supple and soft jersey items, flowing viscose fabrics - a dream for every single fashion conscious girl!

Jottum and Cakewalk Summer 2012 now -30%

Now also the summer collections 2012 of the Dutch brands Jottum and Cakewalk are not reduced by 30 % in our modekids store. This is the best opportunity for you to get some of the colourful Cakewalk items and the classically beautiful Jottum clothes! Here's to a fashionable summer for your little girl!

Catimini Actua Beach finally arrived

Every day we have been waiting for the Actua-Beach collection by Catimini to be delivered - and now it has happened! Since one hour ago you can admire - and order - the trendy items of Catimini in fruity sorbet colors!

Summer Sale 2012

The time has come: The first articles of our current summer collections of brands such as Desigual, Agatha Ruiz, Cakewalk, Derhy Kids, Beng per Principesse and more are already reduced by 30% and can be found in our new category SUMMER SALE 2012. The choice is still large, so do not miss the chance to buy top-quality clothes for your child to a very reasonable price...

Samples Jottum Winter 2012

Five large boxes full of the Jottum samples from the autumn / winter 2013 collection were brought by the postman today. After five minutes, the entire content has been hung up and admired by us. Once again, the warm winter clothes from Holland are simply marvellous - you can look forward to it!

Worldwide free shipping from EUR 100+

Since last week, we deliver orders worth EUR 100+ of non-reduced and kept articles worldwide free of shipping costs to our customers. Please note that we will need to charge the shipping costs if the total amount of the order falls below EUR 100 after any returns. So take the opportunity of paying less for the high quality of the current collections of Catimini, Monnalisa, Desigual, Kenzo Kids and many more by saving the shipping costs!

We have stocked up with Catimini

Just as we've preannounced, our Catimini stock has been stocked up. Just in time for the bright summer weather, the beautiful Catimini dresses, t-shirts and Catimini trousers as well as many Catimini items more are now again available in our online shop - and of course also in our children's fashion shop in Amstetten. Therefore, you can choose again from a vast range of branded kids' fashion from Catimini.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada -30%

The sale of the collection spring / summer 2012 of the Spanish brand Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has begun at The autumn / winter 2012 collection has not been ordered because we need space for the designer labels we are offering as of next season: Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Laura Biagiotti and many more. So now have a look at, whether there's still some pretty, colourful item of Agatha available for your daughter!

Vingino Super Flash

Today we finally received the delivery of the absolutely coolest summer trousers for girls aged 6 to 15 years: The bright coloured skinny fit trousers are available in twinkling blue, bright red, fruity orange, emerald green and berry pink and make the mood rise! And for boys we have the "masculine" colours: Deep green and blue!

Catimini Baby for the little girls and boys

As always, Catimini has again given its best for the babies and yet another delightful collection for the very little ones. Playful and sweet for the baby girls, a bit "cooler" for baby boys. All colours are allowed! From delicate pink to black and white combinations and furtheron to gaudy crayon colours. Anticipation is always the best - so, dear Moms, as of July, the Catimini baby collection will be online at and of course also in our boutique in Amstetten / Austria!

Catimini Summer Collection

Today we re-ordered properly! Many Catimini items have been sold out already in our Modekids online store. As of probably end of next week, the most wanted Catimini dresses, Catimini skirs and Catimini t-shirts will be in stock again - just in time for the upcoming warm summer weather that the meteorologists predict for the near future.

Mid Season Sale updated

And more brands and articles have been added to our mid season sale category... Find out whether there is a great bargain for your taste as well - after all, you save 20% off the latest summer collections!

Catimini for little ladies - a wonderful winter collection is waiting for you

Also the pictures of the big girls are now done. Our heart once again belongs to the Spirit Ethnique collection for Catimini Girls. Lake Baikal - the name of this collection already indicates where the designer got his inspiration from. Rich colours, large floral designs, faux fur and much more dominates this extremely beautiful Catimini girls collection.

Mid Season Sale at

"Summer" is still far from being over - on the contrary! - so the summer sale still has to wait a bit. However, we want to give you the opportunity to make a variety of bargains on From now on we have the heading "mid season sale" in our webshop, where you find selected items from different designer brands reduced by -20%. This category is updated regularly, it is worthwhile to look into it from time to time.

Catimini Winter 2012 - we are looking forward to it

Pictures are taken and we LOVED it! Already when ordering, we particularily liked some colour themes, but when dressed on a girl, these items looked just gorgeous! The Catimini Spirit Ethnique collection for little girls takes us to Lapland and comes up with beautiful knitwear with distinctive folkloric details of the Northern Europeans. Spirit Denim brings a hint of spring in the middle of winter, floral patterns brightened with creamy white are the highlights of the collection. We were especially struck once again by the Catimini Spirit City Collection for Girls. Red, blue, cream - wow! As always set into perfect scene by Catimini, this collection looks simply sweet on little girls. Let it surprise you as well! We are already curious, which Catimini collection of the winter 2012 / 2013 season will be your favourite!

Brandnew category: Modekids Outlet

Selected items from former seasons of Vingino, Scotch R'Belle, Cakewalk, Jottum, Bengh, Oilily, Catimini and many more are now available for bargain prices in our category "outlet" in our web store. Get your items quickly, there are remainders for for absolutely sensational prices!

Photo shoot Catimini Winter 2012

This afternoon we take our little photo models and dress them with the sample collection of Catimini Winter 2012 and - with a little luck with the sun shining - we will have some professional photos taken for our homepage. Perhaps we give our Facebook fans a little insight then... Catimini has given special and sounding names to its individual color themes: Nuit d'hiver, Mademoiselle Mimosa or Wild Alaska sound absolutely promising. You can look forward to a colourful winter with fabulous kids' fashion from Catimini.

Hurrah - Catimini design models of Winter 2012 came in

Of course only samples for us to take pictures. We are busy sorting out, taking pictures, preparing the Catimini shop for the oncoming season autumn / winter 2012 / 2012. What has espacially caught our eyes, was the collection for Catimini boys: So cool, just perfect for little rascals! Campus-style, the 60ies in London, trapper style or rockabilly - the range for Catimini boys is wide. One thing is for sure: It is going to be very colourful for Catimini boys next winter.

CATIMINI Actua Layette has arrived

Also this season Catimini has created a special edition named "Actua". This time it's the Actua items for little girls up to 4 years. Glamorous pieces with materials of the Catimini Fille Enfant series in smaller sizes and customized cuts. Do not miss these limited, pretty Catimini clothes! They are difficult to find!

Samples of autumn / winter 2012/13

The samples of the fall/winter collections of the brands Catimini, Oilily and Kenzo Kids arrived and we are already busy having our photographer taking pictures of the cute mannequins wearing them! Unfortunately we will have to send these items back... We'd rather keep them for they are sooooo beautiful!

Confetti pour ABSORBA

Tops, bathing shorts, leggings and a cute pajama for kids from 1.5 to 8 years from the French brand Confetti pour Absorba are ready to be ordered on

And even more Catimini...

Once again, Catimini knocked on our door with a big parcel full of wonderful garments from the summer collection. New items, but also re-orders have arrived and are now available on Madras, polka dots and exotic floral patterns bring a touch of the South Seas into our shop. Catimini makes us long for summer, sand, sea and outside parties with its playful fabrics.Now we only need the warm weather, then it's time for many little princesses to be admired worldwide in their amazing Catimini outfits.

Oilily Summer 2012 now complete

Now they've all arrived, those wonderful items out of the current Oilily collection - just right for your little darlings and a fairytale summer...

More Monnalisa again

With today's delivery, we have expanded our Monnalisa stock: Already weeks ago we have ordered the most popular items of this collection, now they are here - especially the dress "Marrone" was very popular with our customers. We also got some new pieces - have a look for yourself!

Agatha Ruiz de la Prade

Now online: The children's collection summer 2012 of the Spanish fashion label Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is available immediately online at Bright colors and comfortable fabrics provide great pleasure in summer!

Miss Grant Couture

The series "couture" of the sample collection of Miss Grant is now online. Fantastically elaborate dresses, tops, blouses, vests and much more in pure white, ivory or soft pink ... Now it only needs a prince to make the fairy tale perfect.

Samples of Miss Grant 2012 online

Today we activated the collections "Summer" and "Été" of the Italian brand "Miss Grant" in our webshop From now on you can order online!

Scotch almost complete

Today's delivery from Scotch R'Belle and Scotch Shrunk brought us once again funny t-shirts, cool tank tops and shorts for girls and boys from 6 to 14 years. Fresh colours, comfortable cuts and casual prints determine the summer collection of these brands. The term "children's clothing" does not fit really...

Archimède - for some safe splashing

The Belgian company Archimède is dedicated to make the water fun for our kids as safe as possible - while not neglecting the comfort and look of the children! From now on online - take a look right now!

Daily deliveries of Vingino and Scotch

Boys and girls just love the casual models of Vingino and Scotch - the daily deliveries of these two brands make for equally lush orders at! Do not let others snatch away the most beautiful parts and have a look yourself quickly!

Bengh per Principesse almost complete

Brightly colored bikinis and cuddly, soft sleep- and underwear were also in the packets from Bengh like charming halter tops, knitted tops and airy summer dresses. Now it only needs to become nice and warm ...

Kenzo Kids echants us

Even when nicely settled, the articles of the Cérémonie-collection by Kenzo Kids which has just been delivered, delights us with its wonderful floral design held in blue in combination with bright white. Now we just need appropriate temperatures to start the first summer party!

2nd delivery of Monnalisa

Our warehouse is now filled with more adorable dresses, skirts and a lot of Disney: Monnalisa sent us a second Delivery and therefore transformed our shop into a sea of flowers!

Muy Malo Summer 2012

Also Holland sends its greetings: The first delivery of the collection spring / summer 2012 pleases by its summery colors and delightful floral pattern - a must once again for Muy Malo fans! And if you are not one of them yet - that can change quickly ...

9 boxes of Catimini

9 more boxes from France have been delivered today and include many, many parts from the summer collection by Catimini. Look forward to your package, perhaps it will already be with you by next week!

Oilily Summer 2012

The first delivery of the ready for pre-order Oilily collection has been delivered yesterday. Our ladies have been busy unpacking and sent the first parcels to the already waiting customers. Our boutique is now nicely and slowly being converted from winter to summer clothing.

Cakewalk samples summer 2012 online

The highly anticipated samples of the summer 2012 collection by Cakewalk in size 80 and 116 are now available online for purchase in our shop. Do not wait too long with your order, as these are individual items in our shop!

Fantastic stuff for winter 2012

On the fashion fair Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence, we were able to convince ourselves that we can look forward to next winter's fashion: The collections of many international designer brands are mostly absolutely amazing, a lot of red in classic combinations come up to us, but also some very courageous designs ...

Bengh Summer 2012

Many casual skirts, shorts, T-shirts and much more by the Dutch fashion label Bengh per Principesse has jsut been delivered and we had it online in nearly no time. Check by yourself if there is something for your little one in size 98 to 164 as well.

Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence

Tomorrow our purchasing team goes off to Florence, where we will get first impressions of the collections fall / winter 2012 at the fair Pitti Immagine Bimbo - and maybe even place some orders! We are looking forward to it and are excited about the colours and patterns for the next cold season.

Derhy Kids Summer 2012

This year, moms will have to try hard to keep up with their daughters: The enchanting summer dresses of Derhy Kids let your girls appear and shine as a star! The first shipment is already online at

Elegant stuff by Jottum

Be it the proven dark blue/white-mixture or the wonderful cherry pattern, the bright summer colours or the trendy flower look - the new Jottum collection is, once again, simply divine! Their first delivery has now reached us, our stock is filled with 2012 fashion - but will be emptier again day by day due to the number of orders coming in!

Cakewalk Summer 2012 now available

A large shipment from Holland just came into our house: Many colorful Cakewalk items size 86 to 152 are now being packed into the shelves or directly into the parcels of the many, many pre-orders which will now immediately be sent to you. It won't take long until the most popular articles are no longer available...

2nd delivery DESIGUAL summer 2012

And it is getting more and more colorful: Like every season Desigual scores again with colors, colors, colors ... Our stock really gets us into the mood for summer - and each part will do the same at your home! Check it now in our online-shop where we have just put these new items.

Oilily summer 2012

Once upon a time .... This is the title of this year's summer collection of Oilily. Once upon a time - it is enchanting, charmingly graceful, colorful prints with scenes from children's stories transposed into beautiful prints, princesses and gnomes make the hearts of little ones beat fasterThe Oilily collection is online and can be preordered now. Delivery is planned for February / March 2012.

Monnalisa summer 2012

Monnalisa also delivered today to the first boxes of new merchandise for summer 2012. The first models of Monnalisa Monnalisa Bebe and Bimba are now available promptly from stock. Processed with precious rhinestones and elaborate details Droopy, Mickey and Friends cavort at Monnalisa dresses, T-shirts and Monnalisa Monnalisa skirts. Shortly, we will expect more articles of this stunning Monnalisa collection.

IKKS Summer 2012 - new models in stock

More styles of the classically cool IKKS collection for spring / summer 2012 are ow online and ready to order. Trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses and more in trendy colors like dark blue, gray and white - combined beautifully with a very special flower pattern that shows the unique handwriting of IKKS - wait for up-to-date girls from age 1 to 14 years.

With free shipping into the year 2012

We wish our customers a great start into the new year, so we offer postage-free delivery in this first week of 2012 for all orders for goods worth € 100 and more up to January 8th, 2012. This offer applies to all items (also reduced ones), so better be quick and save twice! Coupon code: FREE2012

Vingino and Scotch R'Belle

Another supply of Scotch R'Belle and Vingino articles has still arrived in the old year - and makes us look forward to the new year! Casual fashion for 6 to 14-year-old girls and boys from these two brands - the coolness of these t-shirts are hardly to be beaten!

ABSORBA for the very little ones

We have increased our stock of baby items and now offer an even wider selection of baby bodysuits and rompers of the brand Absorba. Also airy and colourful pants and skirts for girls from 3 to 12 months for spring and summer 2012 are now available in our webshop.

Cakewalk spring / summer 2012 online for preorder

Cakewalk Spring / Summer 2012 - a girls collection trendy and cute at the same time. Neon colors and romantic floral prints, madras plaids and stripes skillfully combined. Cakewalk in pure culture as we all love it. Names such as Tea Time or Sunny Days let us expect a colorful summer.

Vingino und Scotch Shrunk Summer 2012

It goes fast: Almost daily first articles of the summer 2012 collections come in, and we are of course eager to get them online immediately. Today we welcome T-shirts by Vingino Boys and jeans by Scotch Shrunk. Our boys will look staggering again next summer!

JOTTUM summer 2012 now online for preorder

We have uploaded the brand new spring / summer collection from Jottum to our website. The first delivery is scheduled to arrive around mid January and the deliveries will last until beginning / mid March, 2012. Romantic models for babies and little girls, elegant dresses, skirts and tops for the larger ladies - this is Jottum how we love it! The spring / sumer 2012 collection unikstakable bears Anky Groothofs handwriting, the owner and designer of this lovely brand. Check it out!

Here comes the sun - first Desigual Kids items for summer 2012 now in stock

Just in time the UPS truck delivered today the first Desigual cartons of the upcoming summer season.. The sweetest Desigual dresses, Dsigual leggings, Desigual t-shirts and Desigual headbands. We were especially looking forward to receiving the stunning Desigual handbags from the spring / summer 2012 collecton. Not only the girls will enjoy it, certainly also some moms.

Scotch R´Belle and Vingino summer 2012 – first items in stock

Today the first items of the brand new spring / summer 2012 collections of Sctoch R´Belle and Vingino for Girls arrived in our store. Short sleeved tees are genuine all-rounders, which can be worn all year round with lightweight sweaters or cardigans. Also the first stripy summer leggings of Scotch R´Belle are now in stock. For tomorrow we expect Desigual to arrive. Woohoo! In the boxes will be some of the stunning Desigual bags we ordered for spring / summer 2012. More to follow soon.

Winter sale now complete

From today the last winter collections have been reduced. You get the 30% discount now of the winter 2011 collections from brands such as Catimini, Kenzo Kids, Desigual, Oilily, Cakewalk, Jottum and many more!

IKKS spring / summer 2012

The first items of the chic collection spring / summer 2012 by IKKS just arrived and will soon be online in our web store to be ordered!

Muy Malo Cocktail Collection summer 2012

Finally arrived - the brand-new festive collection of Muy Malo. Pure Romance - lace, ruffles and floral motifs adorn the gorgeous models. Muy Malo cocktail presents the color line in elegant white, bright blue, pale pink and cool mint - a successful color mix for a charming collection for girls from 4 to 12 years. Just in time for the upcoming holiday season or a dream holiday in hot countries! All items are promptly available from stock.

Summer 2012 by Kenzo Kids

After successful publication of the spring / summer collections by Catimini, we are now working feverishly on the collection spring / summer by Kenzo Kids. Once the articles are online, you can already pre-order your favourites. Delivery will take place from January to April 2012.

Catimini collection summer 2012 now online

After long weeks of waiting we can now present you the summer collection 2012 of the Dutch brand Catimini. From now on you can use our online shop to pre-order the brand new collection. Delivery takes place between December 2011 and March 2012.

Also Kenzo Kids Winter 2011 / 2012 now reduced

Now you can buy also the delightful articles from the winter collection by Kenzo kids reduced by 30%. The lovely floral designs definitely look good under and in front of the Christmas tree.

It's Christmas soon

Not only do we have the wonderful festive collection of Jottum to get into the Xmas spirit, now we have also brought our boutique in Amstetten in Christmas spirit! Poinsettia, Christmas lights and chic fashion from the Catimini, Brums, Jottum and Scotch collections winter 2011 \ 2012 together with subtle Xmas music provide shining eyes of the customers - and our employees as well... Get insights to do this in the photo album on our modekids Facebook page.

Summer 2012 by Catimini, Kenzo Kids and Oilily

After our photo shooting in October we have now received the finished photos of our little models in the enchanting parts for summer 2012 by Catimini, Kenzo Kids, and Oilily. Yet we may not show it but on Facebook we will give some pictorial evidence very soon.

first winter 2011/2012 collections on sale - dont miss a bargain

From now on you will find the first winter bargains on Bengh per Principesse, Custo Growing, Murphy & Nye, Napapijri, Denny Rose, and the sample collections from Jottum, Cakewalk and Oilily have been reduced by 30%.

Jottum Festive online later this week

The delivery of the festive collection of Jottum is about to arrive here any day: We sit in the wings and look forward to the extra shine that the festive dresses will bring to our company!

One more week of postage-free shopping

Order from our online shop and save the worldwide shipping costs for orders of non-reduced articles of a value of € 70,00 or more up to November 20th, 2011.

New products of Kenzo now to be ordered

The most popular articles from the current Kenzo collection were sold out quickly. Since yesterday, many of these items are available again! In addition, we now have some wonderful pieces from the "Route des Andes" collection of Kenzo in the shop, such as a very lovely, soft knit dress.

Baby Graziella now online

Finally it's here: the festive collection of Baby Graziella, Coccobirillo and Boys & Girls by Baby Graziella! Whether it's the dark blue velvet or beige knit fabric with white dots - just right for little princesses!

Catimini now stocked up

Due to the huge interest in the current Catimini collections, our stock was half empty quite quickly. Therefore we reacted just as quickly and reordered many articles. Since today our stock is full again and most of the items expeditiously available.

Oilily collection now complete

Also the last outstanding items of the Oilily collection winter 2011 / 2012 are available as from now. There is something cute for your little darling as well!

Inch Blue Holiday collection now available

Yesterday the festive collection of Inch Blue baby shoes arrived. Babies and toddlers from 0 to 18 months can now put their feet in sheepskin-boots or leather shoes with reindeer Rudolph, Christmas angels or similar motives. Not only the little ones like these shoes!

MODEKIDS raffles off three pink Nintendo DSi with Cakewalk logo - the perfect gift for Christmas

You can win these game consoles in our online shop (, in our boutique in Amstetten and on Facebook. More information about how to participate you can find here .

Cute models at the photo shoot of modekids

Today, eight enchanting models from 1 to 7 years were allowed to slip into the samples of the summer 2012 collection of Catimini, Kenzo and Oilily. The enthusiasm of the girls and their mothers was huge. In December we will put the first pictures of this series online.

Holiday in the south?

If you plan to spend the coming winter and Christmas holidays in the warm south, you now have the opportunity to spare 15% more on the already reduced summer collections of 2011 by entering the code WINTERSUN11.

The winter can come

With an autumn launch campaign we usher in the cold season and offer a discount of -10% on all winter coats and jackets of our 2011 winter collections. Offer valid until October, 16th 2011.

Our new website is online

We are happy to be able to introduce our new website to you. Elegant red, trendy gray and a better overview of our products are now signs of our new online shop. Visit us online or in our newly opened boutique in Amstetten!

MINYMO winter collection 2011 now fully in stock

The high-quality snow and functional clothing from the Danish manufacturer Minymo has now been completely delivered. Our staff does its best to get it online as quickly as possible. Ski suits, overalls, gloves, booties and much more from the Kingdom of Denmark!

Barts Winter collection 2011 now available online

The cuddly and smart caps of the Dutch brand BARTS are now online and ready for delivery. Hand-knitted hats and mittens, warm socks and functional underwear for children - so they can enjoy the winter without freezing.

Postage-free shopping until September 30th

When ordering articles of the current winter 2011 collections - like Absorba, Agatha Ruiz, Kenzo Kids, Catimini, Desigual, Cakewalk, Monnalisa and many more - for at least € 120,00, you get your order free of shopping costs throughout the world by simply entering the voucher code FREESHIP0911 on your order.


Another very pretty ACTUA Layette and Enfant Collection - Fleur d'hiver - was delivered and impresses with contrasting colors like magenta and vermilion, washed black and off-white. For a bright and funny cold season, we mix Bohemian dresses with flowers and contrasting stripes!

DESIGUAL Winter 2011

The third and last shipment of DESIGUAL Winter 2011 collection is online since today! Spanish zest for life also for low temperatures!

MONNALISA collection Winter 2011 / 2012 immediately available

When ordering the brand new winter collection by Monnalisa we already were absolutely thrilled - and now it is finally here and already available online. Delightful prints of Bambi and Thumper and exciting leopard pattern make girls try to out-smile the sparkling rhinestones. The soft colors flatter the complexion of our winter princesses.

VINGINO Winter 2011 / 2012

Nachdem VINGINO bereits vor einigen Tagen die Unterwäsche für die kommende Herst / Wintersaison geliefert hatte kamen heute bereits weitere Artikel bei uns an. Jeans und tolle Oberteile; demnächst kommt aber noch viel mehr! Wir führen VINGINO heuer von Größe 62 (3 Monate) bis 152 (12 Jahre) - für Jungen und für Mädchen.


SCOTCH hat bereits die ersten Teile der Winterkollektion geliefert. T-Shirts für Mädels und Jungs sowie zwei coole Jeans für die Boys.

KENZO Kids Winter Herbst / Winter 2011 / 2012

Jetzt ist auch KENZO für die kommende Wintersaison online. Alle gelisteten Artikel können gerne vorbestellt werden. Die Auslieferung seitens KENZO erfolgt von Juli bis ca. Mitte Oktober.

* * * * * *
NEW KENZO kids fall / winter 2011 / 2012 collection now online for preorder.

CATIMINI Winter 2011 / 2012 ab sofort online

Die neue Herbst- / Winterkollektion von CATIMINI ist ab sofort online. Gerne können Sie Ihre Wunschteile schon vorab resevrieren.

* * * * * *
NEW CATIMINI fall / winter 2011 / 2012 collection now online for preorder. Check out this stunning collection. We just love it!


Ab sofort finden Sie alle Kollektionen Sommer 2011 bei uns 30 bis 40% reduziert! Viel Spaß beim Schnäppchensammeln!

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